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“...Online dating is the third largest producer of revenue out of all paid content sites, growing by a steady 10% year over year... “


Premier providers of Authenticity® to the dating site industry

  • AuthentiMatch verifies identity, using both familiar methods and new methods.
  • But while others stop there, leaving identity verification as an expense, a drain...
  • AuthentiMatch turns your identity verification effort into an investment in a valuable, revenue-producing asset.

Why spend money on identity when your dating enterprise can Make money on identity!

Your identity asset gains value every time it's used. Every time your user logs in – to your service or to any site or app – the reliability of that identity asset grows...

And your user is reminded of how you saved them from letting some social network track their every move – which was the price they thought they had to pay for the convenience of single sign-on.

  • Everyone wants privacy for themselves.
  • Everyone wants accountability from others.
  • Accountable Anonymity. Sounds impossible, but it's not. And you can be the one to provide Accountable Anonymity to your users.

“I’ve been hearing about all the fraudsters that prey on users of dating sites...
...so it's important that I have confidence in the identity of the people I meet on your site.”

When your dating enterprise provides

What If...

Identity Reliability

It provides real value to your users and protection for yourself. But identity verification is costly. And while your users value identity reliability, it's hard to get them to pay for it.

The identity reliability you provide took the form of a revenue-producing asset?

After all, when you see “Log in with (Facebook, Twitter, Google, or some other site that exploits your personal information)” you know that someone is making money serving as identity provider. They just want to rule the world, right?

You on the other hand don’t want to rule the world. You just want to assure your users that those they deal with are who they say they are:
without it costing you a lot of money
while making your dating enterprise more profitable

“The increased popularity is also good news for scammers who are ready to take advantage of new, unsuspecting users.”

What If...


You could provide an identity credential that delivers both Single Sign On Real Privacy

Universal Identity Credential

Your brand was on that universal identity credential that protects your user's privacy instead of eroding it?
and which eliminates passwords

Credential Security

Your branded credential enabled your user to log on to any site or network, with a level of security that surpasses all other authentication methods?

Real Privacy

Any time your user logged in anywhere with the universal identity credential provided by you, they saw your brand as a reminder that you were the one who saved them from the privacy eroders and delivered Real Privacy

Privacy Revenue

When your user upgrades that universal identity credential provided by you, or purchases any of a number of privacy-enhancing personal information management products, you share in that revenue.

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